“Have you ever felt that you just couldn’t take it anymore? Has fear or doubt prevented you from doing what you knew was most important to you? Have you ever doubted yourself and the possibility of your dreams?  I want to help you learn to make room for the pain of life while teaching you how to thrive by creating an authentic life that is truly yours.  Life is hard and, at times, it can be scary, lonely, confusing, and stressful. People are searching for happiness, stability, authenticity, and healthy relationships. We are all searching for meaning and purpose. I believe that with the right method and tools, you can live a happy, productive, and meaningful life. The clients that I see come to treatment for many issues, ranging from bereavement and loss, to panic attacks, to anger and work related stress, just to name just a few. Together, we will work to create the life that you want and deserve. “-Dr. LaPilusa


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It may be time to speak to a psychologist when:

  • you feel that life is a strain, you are overwhelmed and you can’t seem to manage
  • you lack the self confidence you need to pursue your goals and dreams
  • you no longer feel pleasure in previously pleasurable activities
  • you are getting headaches, stomach aches, and other vague physical symptoms
  • your sleep has worsened due to stress
  • you are using a substance to cope
  • your performance at your job or at home is lacking
  • you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness
  • your friends and family are telling you they are concerned
  • you suffered a trauma and you can’t seem to stop thinking about it
  • your physical or emotional health is in danger